Karine Kolibri was born and raised in Brazil . She started her professional career very young as a Bachelor in financial/business where she has worked for multinationals Audit Accounting companies which later on allowed her to create her own business . By the time she chose Fashion field, where she also started to design and create her own products.  It was a way for her to use her creativity  but it wasn't even close to satisfy her artistic soul.  
       She was always dreaming and pursuing a way to find her groove and express herself.  So she moved to NYC to pursue her artistic career. It was with great excitement she stepped into her first  Acting class at HB Studio during the summer in 2015.
      By the time she was also studying Costume design at FIT but it  didn't take much longer for her to realized what fulfills her soul for real. So she didn't think twice to  audition for one year Intensive Program that she got it with both hands and started to dedicate herself exclusively to the acting career.        
      Since then Karine has continued to hone her craft along with many renowned actors/teachers from the awesome HB Studio Faculty, which she is grateful for, because working deeply on her craft and act truthfully and passionately  is her foundation. Also she is always training and finding new techniques to improve her skills as an actor through workshops around NYC such as Suzuki and Viewpoints at SITI company. Now she is resident and is ready to work in both countries as a bilingual actress in Theater, Film and Voice Over.
2010 - present
2010 - present

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